Yunker Health

Yunker Health + Relax

Yunker is a Japanese formulated Herbal Supplement Blend produced by
Sato Pharmaceutical Company, based in Tokyo.

The introduction of YUNKER HEALTH + ENERGY and YUNKER HEALTH + RELAX to U.S. retailers represent two popular Yunker Herbal Nutritional blend products with two distinct benefits.

In 1956, Yunker was first introduced in a herbal tablet form by Sato in Japan. It quickly gained notice as a health-promoting and fatigue-fighting tonic. Soon after the tablet form, the liquid version was introduced. Yunker was brought to the U.S. in the 1980's where several varieties of Yunker products became available at Asian Markets and Pharmacies.

In 1994, Sato Pharmaceutical established the Shinagawa R & D Center in Japan to provide further research into the effectiveness and development of natural herbal-based products.

Today there are more than 30 Yunker formulations are being sold in over 35 countries, and each formula contains a different blend of Herbals. In the Oriental culture, each herbal formulation has been recognized and valued for centuries for the benefits provided to the mind and body.

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